Resource Development Team

Serving our Associates.


Frank Labriola

Senior Resource Development Executive

(817) 812-3166
Frank is responsible for helping us find each other: “Our Matchmaker”, helping you find the “right” company for your career and helping HPG find and retain “Experienced Experts”.
Frank has been “hands-on” in healthcare IT for over 13 years. He has extensive experience in staffing and recruiting at all levels; a recognized leader in identifying, securing, recruiting and managing complex solutions projects. He has gained valuable experience not only at HPG but also at Systems Resource Corp, Castle Securities Corp, and General Aero Products Corp.

Yvan Cuevas

Senior Resource Development Executive

(816) 210-1113
Yvan is responsible for helping us find “New Family Members” and establishing, building and nurturing their careers at HPG.

Yvan has 13 years of combined experience in EMR implementation, sales, business development, marketing, recruiting and consulting. He has been a key contributor to HPG’s Business Development Team since 2006 and he is a Double Diamond Award winner… Ask him about it!

Nancy Ward

Vice President, Business Development

(225) 354-5635

(316) 201-4808

Nancy is responsible for finding and developing the talented Associates that make up HPG. Our highest honor at HPG is attaining one's “Diamond” status, representing years of high-quality service to our customers…Nancy is our "Company’s Tiffany Store”…she always knows where to find the best “Diamonds”.

Nancy has been “hands-on” in healthcare for over 25 years. She is an expert in the Provider market, HIT and is an exceptional leader. Her foundational work experience includes Vitera Healthcare, formerly Sage Healthcare, and Clinical Coordinator at Ochsner Medical Center.