HPG Service Lines

Our Associates provide Application Services, Support Center Services and Project Management Services that ensure our customers get the results they expect from their Cerner Millennium® Applications. In order to implement the types of process enhancements needed to achieve improved clinical and operational efficiencies, HPG provides individual consultants or consulting teams which are highly technically skilled, rich in domain experience - and focused on the attainment of our customers’ goals.

HPG Application Services

It is the attitude and aptitude of our Associates that leads to the delivery of the results our customers expect. As an Associate focused on Application services you will fulfill key roles on your customers Cerner Millennium® projects as a:

  • Design and Build Analyst
  • Project/Team Leader
  • Integration Architect
  • Application Tester/Coordinator
  • Trainer/Curriculum Developer
  • And sometimes a mixture of all… You are the go to person on the team

As an HPG Associate you will be expected to possess a customer-centric approach to consulting, providing a balance of expertise, aptitude and attitude resulting in a positive project experience for both yourself and your customer. HPG Associates support their customers' use of Cerner Millennium® across all areas of the product and combine that knowledge with their deep healthcare experience to help the applications fit into the Health Systems' workflow, insuring broad clinical adoption.

We have engagements across all application areas, including:

  • Access Management (EMPI, Registration Management, Scheduling Management, Eligibility Management)
  • Acute Care Electronic Medical Record (PowerChart®, PowerChart Outreach®, PowerChart Office®, CPOE)
  • Patient Care (CareNet®, Clinical Documentation, eMAR, PowerPlan™, INet®, IView, High Acuity Flowsheet, MPages™)
  • Health Information Management (ProFile®, Clinical Imaging)
  • CPOE (PowerChart®, Discern®, PowerOrders®, PowerChart Office®, Advanced Medication Management, PowerNote™)
  • Critical Care (INet®, IView, Critical Outcomes, Cerner Apache®)
  • Document Imaging (Clinical Imaging, ProVision PACS)
  • Emergency Department (FirstNet®)
  • Information Systems (Enhanced Testing Services, CCL, Rules, Conversion Support, Security, Interfaces, MPages™)
  • Laboratory (PathNet® – General Laboratory, Microbiology, Anatomic Pathology, Blood Bank, HLA, Specimen Management, Laboratory Outreach)
  • Perioperative Care - Surgery & Anesthesia (SurgiNet®, Materials Management)
  • Pharmacy (PharmNet® Inpatient, Retail, eMAR, Meds Integration, Bar Coding, RxStation®, Multum®, CPOE)
  • Physician Practice (PowerChart Office®, Enhanced View, Message Center)
  • Point of Care (Millennium POC™, CareMobile®, CareAware®)
  • Radiology (RadNet®, Scheduling, ProVision PACS)
  • Revenue Cycle (ProFit®, Benefits and Eligibility Management, EMPI, Registration and Scheduling Management)

HPG Support Center Services

A Health System's use of Cerner Millennium® requires a diverse team of trained professionals; at times, there is more work than the customers' existing team can complete in a timely manner. There are a variety of scenarios that can cause a gap between available resources at the Health System and urgent work to be completed:

  • Short term staff vacancies due to employee turnover, sickness, vacation or LOA
  • User request backlog temporarily exceeds acceptable levels
  • Strict deadline approaching
  • Particularly tough technical problem
  • Work is unique, or project short-term

HPG’s Support Center Services are provided by our Associates and deliver not only critical services to our customers but also provides significant benefits to our Associates. Specifically:

  • In the unusual case where your next project is not immediately available, you are able to step in and stay working on the backlog.
  • You have an opportunity to earn additional income by working after hours, due to the remote nature of Support Center Services (optional).
  • A great place to enhance and expand your Cerner Millennium® knowledge, out of direct customer view.
  • If your project is “bogged down” or “a little behind”, you have the backing of Support Center Services to come in on a limited basis to relieve the stress…Our Associates are an extension of your on-site team, as you need them.

HPG’s Support Center Associates tackle a variety of challenging customer technical projects, possessing deep expertise in support of the Health Systems Cerner Millennium® applications. Projects include:

  • Reporting and Analysis Services
    • CCL Report Development
  • Auditing, Testing, Interfaces and Domain Strategies
    • Helps health systems test and validate pharmacy formularies and other repetitive order sets. With order sentences and combinations numbering into the thousands, this normally represents an enormous investment in manual testing time.
    • Assist our customers by providing expert tailored analysis and testing of Millennium applications to improve the success of the project.
    • Combines expert analysis of the applications, data and processes with automated, iterative testing to identify issues with applications and data.
    • Automated approach to labor-intensive testing tasks that can help solve problems and free the human resources to work on more thought-provoking issues.
    • Specifications, Development, Documentation and Training
  • Application Design, Build and Support
    • Clinical Documentation Including PowerForms and PowerNote™
    • Customized GenViews, MPages™
    • Discern Rules®, Tailored to Clinician’s Requirements
    • Analysis and Troubleshooting
    • CCL Data Queries
    • CORE and Security
    • Upgrade & Go-Live Support
    • Training
  • Departmental Assessment, Optimization, Maintenance and Charge Services
    • Risk Assessment
    • Process & Workflow Improvements
    • Upgrade & Conversion Readiness

HPG Project Management Services

As an Associate focused on Project Management Services your customers will expect strong leadership and an experienced-based understanding of how to get things done across the Health System. Managing Projects or working on Clinical Adoption requires deep expertise, talent and even a little luck for those who take on the challenge.

These services include Project Planning/Management and Clinical Adoption.

  • Project Planning/Management (MethodM®, Traditional Design and Build, ASC Based)
    Project Management Associates have demonstrated project management (A PMP certification or equivalent “hands-on” experience are highly valued by our customers) skills across multiple “Nets” so that they can provide the required leadership to their customer project. CPOE, Meaningful Use, Ambulatory and specific “Net” projects are among the most demanded from our customers.
  • Clinical Adoption
    Clinical Adoption Associates focus in on the outcomes of the use of the applications and their fit into the clinical workflow. Key metrics focus around Core Measures and Clinical Productivity. A clinical background is a must from a customer point of view and this provides a great career opportunity for many clinicians looking to leverage their clinical background into the next phase in their careers.