What Will It Be Like If I Join?

You will be joining a team of “Hands-On” expert healthcare consultants specializing in the service of Health Systems that have chosen Cerner Millennium®.

You should expect:

  • To be engaged and working; except when you take leave.
  • To be paid well and on time.
  • Travel Monday through Thursday every week to your customer site (you will work on a dedicated basis with one customer).
  • To support and be supported by all of the associates in the company.
  • To expand your Consulting and Cerner Millennium® knowledge through your on-site work and our company retreats.

How We Support Your Success

Since being established in 2002, we consistently work hard to live up to the trust given to us by our customers. Our founder, Matt Terstriep, put it best…
We recognize that only when our customers achieve their objectives do we achieve ours.

The same thought applies to our new Associates; there are many opportunities at HPG as we serve a broad and deep market. Our customers are looking for us to help them accomplish their objectives and you are the key to that promise.

Our goal is to create a balanced environment for our Associates and Customers. As the Market Demand diagram below represents, our mutual success comes when we all recognize our interdependency on each other.

HPG®’s Associates enjoy the highest utilization in the industry—what that means to you is limited to no bench time. We accomplish this in a very deliberate way by choosing quality first, not size.

Achieving High Demand

Everything starts with the right people; with the right attitude and aptitude. To insure that we have the right people, our dedicated Resource Development Team (Millennium® only) follows a thorough interview process. This assures that we are the right fit for each other.

Market DemandsAlthough our interview process is stringent, it has mutual benefits for both you and HPG. Remember, at HPG we don’t hire for a particular assignment…we hire based on your skills, cultural fit, and career goals.

At HPG, our Business Development Team (Sales) is dedicated to Health Systems that have chosen Cerner Millennium® , just like the rest of the company. That means they are also experts in Millennium and can represent your skills with accuracy and pride. Our team is constantly focused on our customers’ needs and your current and future assignments. Expect routine dialog with your Business Development Associates as they work to stay abreast of customer needs on your current project; updating your expert profile; preparing you for interviews; and making sure that each assignment is a “fit” for you and our customer.

Our consulting team of “Experienced Experts” is the ultimate key to being In Demand. By hiring the right career-oriented Associates and carefully matching their assignments with customer needs, we are able to meet and exceed customer expectations. Your professional, expert delivery of services creates important customer references and subsequent demand for HPG Experienced Experts.

We further support your needs by consistent and supportive marketing. Because we only focus on Health Systems that have chosen Cerner Millennium®, all of our marketing resources focus on the market for your skills. From our dedicated website (www.hpgresources.com); to HIMSS; to the RUG’s; to our Annual Customer Appreciation Event …we are always there to tell the HPG story and listen to our customers.

Growing Your Consulting Skills

HPG Retreat
As a valued team member you will be included in our annual retreat. The HPG Retreat is a time for us all to reconnect in person; learn new skills and hone existing ones; and to have fun. Our retreats are always in a nice location and all associates may bring a guest. The agenda focuses on developing consulting skills, learning about important issues in Health Care and Health Care IT, and deepening and broadening your Millennium application skills.
Team Support
We have a very flat organizational structure which keeps out the bureaucracy’s associated with big companies. As an HPG Associate you will be assigned to one of 5 Teams based on your skills and fit with a team’s composition. Your Team Leader serves as a mentor, coach and advisor…as do the rest of your associates as you need them.
Associate Support
You will be part of one of the best group of Millennium consultants, anywhere. Our culture is one of support and open communication and the entire HPG team of experts are available to support you in your engagements; learning new skills; troubleshooting issues; or brain storming strategies to support our customers.
Customer Engagements
You will be working with many of the leading Health Systems in the US, as they are our customers and they use Millennium extensively. We have a very close working relationship with our customers and are looked to as “Go To” project resources. As such you will be frequently challenged to help our customers with new applications and to consult with them about ways to get the most from their Millennium investment. This kind of work experience is invaluable because only by working “hands-on” with the “real world” issues the Health Systems are facing can you grow to the expert consultant and trusted advisor that our associates aspire to become…every day represents a new challenge and opportunity to learn for associates with the right attitude and aptitude.
Ongoing Education
We encourage our associates to continue their certifications and education and sponsor per our benefits program. Education is a very personal need and should be self-directed by you and supported by HPG…that way you get what you need to meet your personal career goals.

Marketing You

Dedicated Business Development Team
Since we only work with customers who have chosen Cerner Millennium® and consultants that are Millennium experts, our sales team are also experts when it comes to Millennium. That means they understand the market, customer needs and how to accurately and effectively market your skills. We work very hard to manage the transitions of your assignment by having conference calls with you and the entire Business Development team to review your desires for your next engagement.
Custom Profiles
We create a custom profile for you that is designed collaboratively and the content is always controlled by you. Your profile is much more than a resume; it is a description of your experience and your ability to solve the problems our customers are facing. The profile tells your story, highlights your successes and is the key to the engagement interview that leads to your selection by our customers.
Marketability Planning
As an HPG associate you have extensive expert skills in Millennium, but we always look to help you increase those skills so you can both broaden and deepen your marketability. Our Team Leaders are veteran consultants and provide career development guidance and planning to make sure that you stay current and continue to grow your knowledge in your chosen area of interest.
RUG’s/Customer Appreciation Events
We sponsor all the Regional User Groups at the highest possible sponsorship level so we gain maximum exposure for our associates. Frequently our associates go to the RUG’s and co-present with our customers or topics of critical interest to the customers. This provides value to you in career development, networking, education and a fun break with the customers.

Enabling and Supporting Technology

Technology Currency
We provide you with a new PC…while we can’t fill every request we provide choice in sizes to meet your needs and preferences. We have a plan to replace your PC every 3 to 4 years. During that time we provide you a comprehensive 3 year warranty…for any damages or problems…the next day it will get fixed or replaced through Dell Pro Support…wherever you are.
Microsoft On-Line Services
You will have the latest in online services through Microsoft available to you including the entire suite of office products as well as Instant Messaging and access to our customized SharePoint site to get quick access to all the information you need as an associate…anytime…anywhere.
Time and Expense
You will have a web based time and expense system to utilize that is specifically tailored to HPG. While this is never the most fun portion of the job you will find the system to be easy to use, fast, efficient and accurate allowing you to spend more time with your customer or relaxing on the weekend rather than spending it with administrative tasks.