Our Associates Tell Us

Just like you, our Associates come from a variety of backgrounds. Below you will find the 3 areas where most of our Associates have come from; pick the background that fits you the best and learn more about our Associates' experiences at HPG...so you know what to expect:


Health System Based

Our Associates that have joined us directly from health systems tell us that HPG® is the right place for them. Why?

Below are comments about HPG from three Associates joining HPG directly from a health system background; also linked to each is a detailed Professional Profile. Click on the name of each person above the testimonial to view each Professional Profile.

HPG Senior Consultant – Judy

In making my decision to leave the hospital, I wanted to continue to do the work that I enjoy at a company that is supportive; it is one of the initial factors that attracted me to HPG. Compensation for these efforts is rewarded fairly and based on the work performed. The senior management staff is committed to maintaining the excellent standards that the company was founded upon and there was a sense of caring throughout the team. Successes are encouraged and celebrated by all.

HPG Senior Consultant - David

When I decided to put my resume out on Monster, CareerBuilder, and a couple of other job Web pages...I received 52 calls in 2 days. All were pretty standard sales pitches...then I received a call from HPG who simply said, “When you are ready to talk to us, let me know and give me a call." That was all that was said. Meanwhile, I was still dealing with all the other companies, deals, offerings...OVERWHELMING.

Here is an example of what I walked into...after interviewing with one company and talking to a perspective client, I learned that the company really did not have a contract with the site as I was told on the phone. The company would only have gotten the contract if I interviewed well and then decided to take the job...not a very trustworthy or professional hiring practice in my opinion. I actually ran into the same situation 3 more times. After about a month of this, I called HPG and welcomed their honest approach and systematic interviewing processes. Everything was organized and well laid out.

After joining HPG, I realized what a goldmine of associates I had signed on with. A great number of my co-workers are like me, with deep hospital based backgrounds and years of hard earned experience. I really enjoy the team players attitude that all the HPG associates have. Even though we are on different sites, help or humor is just an email away.

I know HPG is very proud of their associates because I have yet to meet someone here who does not far exceed the expectations in knowledge and experience in the applications they are working with.

HPG Senior Consultant - Andy

My main reason for changing my career came shortly after implementing the Cerner Millennium System. I found project work, design and build very satisfying. I was very attracted to implementing technology that had a positive impact on my friends and co-workers. After the system was live the work seemed much less challenging and exciting.

I had thought about the idea of consulting for some time but was concerned about the travel. I had a good friend and respected colleague that had made the change and frequently asked him how he liked it and about travel. After much thought I decided it is what I wanted to do. I spoke to several companies but felt that a smaller one was a better fit for me. I met and spoke with the people from HPG and was very impressed with their leadership. They were honest, they respected each other and their employees and I could sense a culture that I wanted to be a part of.

I'm very happy that I made the decision I did. I have found consulting has been everything I thought it would be and more. I have friends in many health systems and consulting companies. I really enjoy the work and the group I am working with now is by far the best group of consultants and management I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


Professional Consultant

Our Associates that joined us from other professional consulting firms tell us that HPG® is the right place for them. Why?

Below are comments about HPG by three Associates from a professional consulting background; also linked to each is a detailed Professional Profile. Click on the name of each person above the testimonial to view each Professional Profile.

HPG Senior Consultant - Gary

I went to work for a quality, mid-sized consulting company when I first began my consulting career. Everything was fine at first, but a few years later, the company was sold to a giant company of 55,000 employees, which was made up of a number of companies it had also acquired. As the “Big Company” began to take hold, it was obvious that the parent company cared little about the individual consultant. Issues could not be resolved even by senior managers in the company, it seemed all the parent company was interested in was the profits.

I had become aware of HPG through a friend at HPG who I had known and respected for a long time. In discussions with him, I realized that the compensation at HPG could be better than at the “Big Company”. The salary structure was more directly tied to performance and if you work hard, you will get compensated for it. I also saw that the principals in HPG are truly interested in resolving issues on a personal basis. In addition, I have always had the sense that all the principals are honest, hard working, and striving to build a successful company. Because of its small size, I can talk personally with anyone in the company and they will do everything they can to address my needs.

HPG Senior Consultant - Matt

I worked for a large consulting firm for several years before coming to HPG. At the larger firm I felt I was constantly being pushed to fit the company plans for me vs. what I liked. I prefer hands-on technical work but constantly felt pushed to move into project management; the bonus plan benefited the company vs. the consultant and I never knew what my bonus would be until I got it; and the bigger the company got, the more administrative burdens shifted to the employee.

I became aware of HPG when I contacted a friend there at HPG for advice. I knew my friend would not stay at HPG if it was not a good place. As I interviewed with HPG it was apparent that the company’s focus was on seeking out only the best resources; I felt like a fit with the culture and the company focus, so I joined.

HPG is a great place to work and lets me do the hands-on technical work I enjoy. The compensation plan is clear and I know what I will earn based on my performance. There is open access to the management team; an honest and ethical sales staff; and I like the dedicated focus on Millennium. Don’t miss the company retreats – they are great.

HPG Senior Consultant - Barb

Before joining HPG I worked for a large consulting firm; I felt that the firm did not value the consultant as a person but only for the number of hours that you could bill. Needless to say this was not a very fulfilling work environment.

So I set out to look for a smaller company that cared about their consultants and had a family atmosphere. HPG turned out to be exactly the type of company that I was looking for. HPG is a smaller company comprised of Millennium experts that provide a robust support network. Even if you are on a client site by yourself; you are never truly alone... you have a whole family of experts to back you up.


Software Company

Our Associates that joined us directly from a software company tell us that HPG® is the right place for them. Why?

Below are comments about HPG by three Associates from a software company background; also linked to each is a detailed Professional Profile. Click on the name of each person above the testimonial to view each Professional Profile.

HPG Senior Consultant - Lesley

I first learned about HPG while having the opportunity to work with some HPG associates at a client site. These individuals were really engaged in their work and genuinely happy. So I asked them why they chose HPG. They told me they had finally found an employer that cared about them as individuals in addition to their skills. …Which got me thinking about my current work life balance and what my employer knew about me? I was working on average 50-70 hours per week M-F, plus travel and I was spending less and less time on the other aspects of my life...

Well HPG changed that for me. I love what I do; transforming healthcare in any manner is a worthy cause. I am still challenged - I get to work for many different clients and healthcare cultures. I spend more quality time with my clients and definitely more quality time at home.

When I was working as an Administrator in critical care I had 24/7, 365 days accountability and was tethered to my multiple phones and pagers. When I was with my previous employer (software company) I worked long hours and often into the night and weekends. Today, I still go to the extra effort and make myself available to my clients with reasonable times and expectations identified. Upon leaving my client site at the end of the week I am able to get home and change gears smoothly and be first and foremost a mother to my three kids. Some may wonder how this can be possible, but all I know is my kids and family see a more relaxed and happy parent. I still work hard and give my all to my clients; but when I get home I have much more quality time, energy and enthusiasm to be with my family and enjoy the other things I like to do... HPG really does support work-life balance.

I can honestly say working for HPG has really helped me enjoy having it all; a successful career, time with my family and also the opportunity to grow professionally in terms of acquiring new skills and learning new solutions that help my clients. We have the “best of the best” at HPG and expert troubleshooting and support help is only an email or phone call away. We really are a team of experts.

HPG Senior Consultant - Jodie

When I started at the software company, they were small and really seemed to care first and foremost about the clients. As they grew larger more focus was put on money instead of the client. Then as they continued to grow to an enormous size, they lost focus on what really made the company great and I routinely saw them turn a blind eye to things being done incorrectly; even if those actions negatively impacted clients.

When I decided it was time for a change, I started investigating my options. So I started looking for people who had made the leap to leave the software company, that were still happy where they had landed. I knew several people from HPG that really liked their jobs. I applied and liked the way I was treated from the instant I made contact.

HPG is like working for a family instead of a corporate giant whose focus seems to be only on money and the bottom line. The HPG management team treats us like people; not like numbers. Because we’re smaller, they know each of us individually and vice versa. The process of choosing people to join HPG is rigorous and insures each consultant is highly skilled and top notch. The internal support system is unrivaled—we have the cream of the crop and we all support each other willingly and cheerfully.

The hardest part, if you are chosen to join this team, if you used to work for the software company…is what to do with all of your free time on weekends. It takes a month or two for your subconscious to let go, but you will come around to being appreciated, acknowledged, paid what you are worth, and treated like you matter. It is a cultural 180 from the software company.

HPG Senior Consultant - Brian

Since joining HPG my experience here has been nothing but positive. Working at HPG is like gaining all the benefits of a big company but with the attention and family atmosphere that only a small company can provide.

I am especially impressed with HPG's unwavering focus on superior customer service. As an HPG consultant I am dedicated to a single customer, which means I no longer need to juggle the fluctuating demands of having multiple customers. This customer-centric approach allows me to develop close, long-term relationships with my customer and to give them the attention they deserve. It’s very rewarding to know how much our customers rely on our deliverables to make important business decisions.

HPG also provides me with competitive compensation, bonuses, benefits, and holds company retreats to reward its employees. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful company.