Interview Process

The interview process at HPG® is our first introduction to each other and it is quite stringent, so be prepared---however, the movement through this process can be at your own pace as dictated by the priorities facing you.

Step 1 – Contact HPG recruiting team for preliminary phone interview. Complete a detailed skills inventory with self-assessment rating.
Step 2 – Phone interview with HPG Team Lead to discuss technical skills and experience history.
Step 3 – Interview with HPG Business Development to assess “people” skills; application comfort; interviewing strength; and general self-presentation.
Step 4 – Based on completing steps 1-3 successfully we will schedule a “face to face” meeting with one of the HPG partners.
Step 5 – A unanimous decision to hire by all involved creates organization-wide support for our new Associates.
Step 6 – Accept offer. (Remember, we are not hiring you for just a single current project. Our hiring decision is based on our belief in your long term marketability and fit with our culture as an HPG Experienced Expert.)
All of our engagements are direct with the health systems we serve. We do not subcontract our Associates; this assures that we receive a fair value for expert services, that our associates have control over their engagement, and that our customers know they will receive expert, objective Millennium® consulting.
HPG has chosen to focus exclusively on health systems that have Millennium as their strategic HIS. Our goal is to be recognized as the “Company of Choice for Millennium Experts”. 
What that means to you is everyone in the company is focused on your expert skill set, so there is no dilution of attention with other HIS’s (Meditech, EPIC, McKesson, Siemens, Eclipsys…).
Remember – Our belief is that if you are going to be great at something, you must commit fully; we have and we are very successful.


And that’s how we have the best utilization in the industry and the finest team of Millennium experts in the market.